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Virtue Of Shab E Barat And Its Worship In Islam - Todayspoint

Virtue Of Shab E Barat And Its Worship In Islam

Virtue Of Shab E Barat And Its Worship In Islam. Islam is a most lovely and beautiful faith within the world. it’s an excellent history and trust of individuals. everybody within the globe enter in Islam he gets trump. Our Most Beloved last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) completed its preaches and sent U.S.A. detail of Islamic Month of Shaban, Shaban ul muazzam ki fazilat

Virtue Of Shab E Barat And Its Worship In Islam


A right approach the way to live to tell the tale the planet. He gave U.S.A. World Health Organizationle} leader by functioning on it and there have been moreover there ar large community who ar following his messages. Muslims have belief that each single act that was done by him (SAWW) is true and that we have a firm religion of it by no means that. there’s Ahadees of our Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) on the subject of Shab-e-barat. it’s an evening of blessing and Muslim spent whole night to praise Almighty Allah preaches. Here you’ll notice an data of tonight with relation to Ahadees in Urdu.


Eighth month of the Islamic Calendar.

Meaning: Consecutively escalating. (Undisturbed increase). Derived from the word “shu’ba”, which means branch. The Arabs used to branch out during this month to look for water.


With the Arrival of the Shaban moon numerous blessings are showered upon us. Just as the initiation of rainfall begins with “pitter patter” such blessings reach us in the same accord and fashion.

With the Beginning of Shaban blessings are initiated which progressively escalate so that by mid-Shaban the blessings have reached a considerable amount and finally such blessings reached a considerable amount and finally such blessings reach their peak by the end of Ramadan.

For example just as a farmer prepares for a fruitful harvest by harrowing his acreage so that the soil may readily retain water, in contrast our souls are geared by the presence of such blessings in Shaban effectively preparing us for a fruitful and completely advantageous Ramadan.
Our Holy Prophet has said, “Shaban is my month and Ramadan the month of Allah Ta’aalaa.” (Daylami) For More detail please visit this link

1. “Laila-tul Baraa’at (Night of forgiveness) the fifteenth night of Shaban.
2. “Qibla”, the direction to be adopted within salaah, was reverted back to the “Ka’aba” in Makkah (after being coverted to Baitul Muqaddas in Jerusalem for a short period of time). This took place two years after Hijraah on the 15th of Shaban.
3. Fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan was made compulsory in the year 2 A.H. on the 25th of Shaban.
4. Three years A.H. Hadhrat Hafsa (R.A) was joined in matrimony with the Prophet .
5. In this very month forty two years later Hadhrat Hafsa (R.A) took leave from this world.
6. The birth of the Prophet’s grandson Hadhrat Hussain (R.A.) took place, four years on the fifth of Shaban.
7. The battle of Banu Mustaliq took place in Shaban.
8. During the above mentioned battle, the “Aayah of Tayammum” (Purifying with sand before salaah) was revealed, in the year 5 A.H.
9. The daughter of the beloved Prophet Umme Kulthum (R.A.) took leave from this world, in the 9 A.H.

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Mah e Sha’ban ki Fazilat Aor Shaban Ki Dua

Shaban ki Fazilat Aor Shaban Ki Dua
Shaban ki Fazilat Aor Shaban Ki Dua

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