Biomarker for breast and prostate cancers found

Biomarker for breast and prostate cancers found. New Biomarker for breast and prostate cancers found. New York: Researchers have identified a novel genetic biomarker responsible for the progression of many breast and prostate cancers.

Biomarker for breast and prostate cancers found

The finding could bolster efforts to better identify patients who respond to certain types of chemotherapy drugs that attack the most aggressive forms of cancer.

“The understanding and identification of biomarkers is vital to research and cancer treatment step,” said lead study author Michael Freeman at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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“New strategies profiling exemplified by this study ultimately improve our ability to treat patients with cancer,” Freeman said.

The newly identified genetic biomarker – diaphanous- related formin-3 or DIAPH3 – participates in a protein interaction that makes the cells stiff.

The study found that when this biomarker is lost or lowered, the cells become “deformable”, squeezing through tissue spaces, causing growth or disease progression.

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  1. sadaf haider

    Nice piece of information for females. We should try to keep these ailments at an arm’s length by keeping a moderate diet menu. Thanks for sharing.

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