Build up your immunity with brassica vegetables Curried Cauliflower

The Brassica vegetables famously known as the Calciferous vegetables are a group of nutritious veggies which incorporate the Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage and Radish. These are considered as “Super foods” in view of the vicinity of a special set of phytonutrients – the glucosinolates – that are essentially occupied to the same degree in whatever other nutritiontype which provides for us a purpose behind making these vegetables of the Brassica family fundamental in our every day diet.

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The dry Cauliflower which is extremely unappealing in its looks finish the rundown of cruciferous vegetables with its wide range medical advantages that it offers in comparison to whatever is left of the gathering from the brassica crew. As said prior, the vicinity of some effective phytochemical mixes  which are likewise wellbeing advancing supplements makes the cualiflower fit for giving a coordinated support which thus can secure our body against coronary illness, disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid joint pain, subsequently providing for it a super sustenance stature.
Dislike many vegetables the cauliflower has an ability to blend easily with more other popular vegetables like potatoes, peas, carrots, Raddish and bell peppers along with many medicinally powerful spices making it all the more easier to incorporate it in our daily diet.

How does  vegetable as plain looking as the cauliflower work within our healthy body to protect it from many serious disorders?

It is the vicinity of a few various bioactive mixes in Cauliflower that provides for it the capacity to give security against each kind of issue that can happen to our body.
  • Cauliflowers have a rich supply of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, different cancer prevention agents, and omega-3 unsaturated fats that assistance to keep courses and veins free from getting any development from inside, in this manner diminishing shots of getting hypertension which can prompt heart sicknesses. These supplements additionally anticipate develop of any oxidative anxiety that can prompt harm of the mind prompting a stroke.
  • Cauliflower additionally have a high amassing of a specific class of phytochemicals which provides for it the ability to apply their hostile to malignancy action. These phytochemicals are found to battle tumor through distinctive systems –
  1. By impelling liver compounds which detoxify and kill tumor creating operators and ;
  2. By restraining the compound gatherings that have ability to deliver proteins included in tumor launch.

Now I Explains why cauliflower consumption is capable of giving a strong protect against various types of cancer Disease.

  • Cauliflower likewise contains a few calming supplements in wealth. Of these Vitamin K, which is a fat solvent vitamin has capacities to anticipate conditions like osteoporosis. The vicinity of different supplements like Omega -3 unsaturated fats and selenium having mitigating capacities are viewed as supportive for those misery from rheumatoid joint pain.
  • The cauliflower is also found to have a rich supply of sulfur containing compounds-
  1. These compounds have the ability for support proper nutrient absorption.
  2. They also have the ability of removing all toxins and waste from our system thus ensuring proper and complete detox of the body thereby strengthening its immunity.

A strong immune system is the key to a healthy body thus explain the reason how regularity  consumption of cauliflower can protect the body from developing many serious disorders.

Choosing and Cleaning the Cauliflower

Select Cauliflowers which are conservative and rich white in shading with no spots. Uproot the external leaves and the stem at the back. Separate the florets utilizing a blade. Any spots or scars on the florets may be scratched off and every floret checked for creepy crawlies infestation if any. The florets can be rubbed with some turmeric powder and permitted to sit for 5-10 minutes prior to washing great under running water.
By permitting the slice florets to sit for 5-10 minutes a lot of phenethyl isothiocynates are delivered which are regularly discovered framing once these vegetables are cut yet stops when they are warmed. Isothiocyanates are in effect at present contemplated for their part as potential against disease operators.
It is likewise prudent to put the florets for around ten minutes in a dish of warm water having salt and turmeric in it before washing under running water. The turmeric and salt together will give an antimicrobial impact to the cut vegetable.

Drain the water before cooking

As a component of making vegetables from the brassica bunch a propensity, here is a formula of a basic Cauliflower dish which is arranged by blending a couple of different vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and green ringer peppers alongside some gentle flavors, all of which are great and gainful for the body. A couple of bits of Radish likewise can be incorporated for that additional supplements.

Dislike other vegetables Cauliflower can be enjoy to your heart content only when they are cook properly.

In this particular recipe the dish comes out slightly saucy and hence can be used with Rotis, Puris, Rice and even bread.


1Cauliflower florets cleaned400-500 grams
2Onion /Pyaj2-3 medium sized
3Potato/ Aloo1 medium sized
4White Raddish / MooliSliced 1/2 cup ( optional)
5Green Bell pepper or Capsicum1 small
6Tomatoes2-3 medium sized
7Green chillies2-3 small
8Garlic crushed3 teaspoons
9Ginger grated or crushed3 teaspoons
10Turmeric powder/ Haldi½ teaspoon
11Red Chilli powder/ Lal mirch1 teaspoon
12Powdered Fennel Seeds/ Saunf3 teaspoons
13Corriander powder/ dhania3 teaspoons
14Star Anise/ 4-5 petals crushed1 teaspoon
15Black pepper powder/kalimirch1 teaspoon
16Any cooking oil3 table spoon
17SaltAs per taste
18sugar½ teaspoon   ( optional)
19Any Garam Masala along with Cummin seed /Jeera powderFor sprinkling ( optional)


  • Slice the onions, tomatoes
  • Chop the potatoes and bell pepper.
  • Finely chop the green chillies.
  • If including Raddish in this dish, slice it too before cooking.



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