Enable Start Menu & Button in Windows 8

Enable Start Menu & Button in Windows 8

Enable Start Menu & Button in Windows 8

Enable Start Menu & Button in Windows 8Microsoft Launched Windows 8 in 2013 and about then they stood not fit to snatch any attention of customers because of the way that it has no Start catch or menu which was a genuine astonishment. In third word nations like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh persons are even now utilizing the old Windows XP working framework so if Microsoft needs them to movement to new OS they need Windows Start Button or Menu to be agreeable. Furthermore on the off chance that you don’t have touch agenda you will constantly need to see the Desktop screen instead of Start screen when your machine boots up.

Screenshot (374)

iOrbit Start Menu 8

The solution to this problem is a tiny software program iOrbit Start Menu 8 which is available for free to download. This package is specially designed for Windows 8 and you will be amazed to see the results. The menu looks like previous generation OS and you have the choice to change between normal and metro style menu. On top of that when you you start your computer it will not show the metro screen and you will be presented by Desktop each and every time.

Comes with verity of Start button which is another cool feature specially if you are bored with old one. Just download the software from the link mention above and install it. After installation it will show you the simple interface where you have to pick the right settings according to your choice.

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