Facebook introduces new communication features for Pages

Facebook introduces new communication features for Pages. Facebook Introduce new feature about pages. FB pages new features. There is a reason many people prefer to communicate with family and friends via private messages: it’s fast and convenient. And more and more people want to communicate with business in the same efficient manner. Facebook said that more than one million people visit each month pages looking for more company information.

Facebook introduces new communication features for Pages

Facebook introduces new communication features for Pages

Facebook introduces new communication features for Pages

Facebook has, therefore, introduced new communication features for pages, including more ways for customers to send private messages to companies and new tools for site administrators to manage and respond to messages.

Send private messages to a Page from local awareness ads

The new button “Send message” call to action for local listings awareness allows individuals to initiate private conversations with business Pages ad News feed, giving people a personal way to connect directly with companies ads.

When someone clicks the “Send Message” button on an ad, Facebook Messenger window opens for them write and send messages to business. Incoming messages to pages include an attachment that displays the ad that brought the person to arrive, and once someone starts a message to the company, who can respond and follow up as necessary. Advertisers can start using the “Send Message” button call to action by creating a new ad in the local consciousness and select “Send message” in the “Call to Action”.

Reply to comments privately with a message

So far, the website administrators could only respond to customers in the same way that the person went to the page, either through a comment or a message. In the coming weeks, the site administrators can respond to public comment a private message, helping resolve requests for private clients more efficiently.

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To respond privately to a comment by client, site administrators can click on the new “Message”, and a string of private messages commentator will open. The page message includes a link to the comment of customer reference. When a private company responds to a comment, the comment shows a note that the company responded privately, so other visitors Page knows the business handled the request. To ensure that the messaging experience is valuable to companies and people, Facebook has incorporated additional tools to help people manage messages, including an option to block messages private companies.

Helping people identify responsive Pages

As people think that to reach businesses in Facebook via messages, which can now identify which pages are very sensitive to private messages. Pages that respond to 90 percent of the messages and have an average response time of less than five minutes will now have a “very receptive to messages” logo on their profiles. Response ratings are dynamic and are calculated based on data from the past seven days. All managers now see page response rate and median response time of your Insights page to page, but for now, only the pages that meet the response rate and 90 percent less than five minutes the response time will the public distinctive.

New tools for managing messages

Now that people and businesses have more ways to initiate messages to each other, managers need Page functions that help manage and respond to messages. To help administrators respond faster page to incoming messages, they can now create and store the answers to common questions. Page administrators can pull saved answers and send them in a tap, so it’s faster and easier to respond to customers of mobile devices. Page administrators also have the option to edit saved answers before sending. Facebook has also updated the inbox management to make it easier to track messages. Page administrators can now perform the following actions Bulk archive, delete, flag, and mark messages as read, unread and spam. Source: TP

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