Features of Windows 10 You Did not Know

Features of Windows 10 You Did not Know. Windows 10: Features You Didn’t Know Of!. Windows 10 features. news windows 10 features you didn’t know. New windows 10 launched on end of July 2015. new features of Windows 10. Microsoft has released its Windows 10 that combines the features of Windows 7 and Windows 8, which has more similarities to Windows 7. The new Windows is simple and easy to use, able to work on all computing devices; tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktop computers.

Features of Windows 10 You Did not Know

Features of Windows 10 You Did not Know

This time Windows goes a little further with the mega changes in the interface and features. With the most advanced operating system, latest can sow his wild oats.

  1. Start Menu is Back!

The start menu that users were missing lately is back in the lower left corner of the screen that you liked, but live tiles were not removed completely, but that will not take over the entire screen.

  1. Microsoft Comes Home

Windows Explorer has also seen some improvements. You can now find useful places and optioned right folder shortcut in view of the ‘Home’, so it is easier to maneuver through your data. A list of recently opened files or documents can also be found under the same option.

  1. Snap

Multi-tasking has become a whole new experience with the function Snap comes with the new Windows 10. You can drag the window you’re working in a corner and then adjust devoted half (or quarter) area of your screen while chained by Snap the remaining windows on the available surface. You can even split the screen into four quadrants and pin four different windows on each corner.

  1. Task View

Another great includes the ‘Task view “that lets you see all open and exchange through each windows with convenience. A feature that comes into play through the Alt + Tab combination, but like most users are not aware of it, newfangled task switcher will do the job for you. the icon View task has been embedded in the taskbar for ease of use.

  1. Hey Cortana!

A phone-assistant, Cortana that crops up by calling ‘Hey Cortana’ or by exploring search menu is an interactive search pane. It can show your apps, your documents, search results from the web and other information.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, a browser that is made for navigation, lets you type, Type or scribble on your website. You can take notes and share these notes with others later. If you are in for a free read online distraction, Microsoft Edge will ensure that there are no interruptions. Reading View erase all the garbage ready so you can read whatever you want without unrelated things explode. And with built Cortana, you can get information from the web with your eyes closed.

New windows 10 launched on end of July 2015

  1. Xbox One Streaming

For players, Xbox from Microsoft is an application to worship. The application lets you stream your Xbox One portable machines. DVR, a great addition to the application will allow you to take screenshot and record or create clips directly from your laptop. Moreover, you can participate with friends through chats party to the application, and the sound quality is excellent, even if you use your device’s built-in microphone.

Features of Windows 10 You Did not Know

  1. Entertainment in one place!

To boot, the new Microsoft Store salubrious accumulates games, applications, music, movies and television in one place. Providing a platform for users and developers, the store aims to bring together applications that will run on all Windows-based devices. Hopefully also encourage developers and we will see some amazing applications in Windows soon.

  1. MS Office Update

Microsoft Office, the sin qua non of Windows comes with improved, unbarred, touch-based apps. Word, Excel and Powerpoint with their clean user interface, the swift experience and the new editing features are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Features of Windows 10 You Did not Know

  1. Touch Windows

Even though Windows 10 is about reviving the use of keyboard and mouse, it does not forsake touch user interface that Windows 8 introduced previously. Tablet mode offered in the Windows enables you to control your screen with the swipe of your fingers.

The new Windows 10 is full of excitement and fun-to-use experience. It comes with all new approach while incorporating merits of Windows 7 and Windows 8, but it has an entirely different experience from both. The updates now rolling will surely remove all the errors and bug and make it magnificent program to run on your devices.


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