Google Announce It Was Restructuring Its Business

Google Announce It Was Restructuring Its Business. Google Proves EVERY Job Is Temporary. Google announce it was restructuring its business. For more updates on Pakistani and All entertainment industry, celebrity gossip and latest News, happenings keep visiting

Google Announce It Was Restructuring Its Business

Yesterday, Google announce it was “restructuring” its business. In the HR world, that’s code for, “We need to redefine our talent needs, eliminate non-essentials, and make room for new blood.” While the explanation provided offers plenty of solid reasons why this will improve the effectiveness of Google’s business, make no mistake: some Googlers are going to lose their jobs.

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Every Job Is Temporary (Even For The Uber Talented)

It’s well known in the recruiting industry Google’s talent selection process is intense. Getting hired by Google is like getting anointed “talent royalty.” What might surprise you is that turnover at Google is pretty common after one year. [Read 5 reasons you might not want to work for Google.] The turnover isn’t because people dislike working there, but rather, because head hunters target their employees intensely, offering big signing bonuses, perk packages, and anything else they can to lure them to other employers. Recruiting talent out of Google is the “gold star” of recruiting. It means you’ve got serious sales skills.

But, Getting Let Go (Even From Google) Creates Career Challenges

However, just because you get hired by Google, doesn’t mean you’re impervious to the impact being let go can have on your career. Only time will tell, but my guess is saying you got laid-off by Google will make recruiters question the candidate’s value. Like it or not, being let go comes with a stigma. Who’s fault is it? The employer who no longer values your services, or the employee who failed to make sure they stayed relevant to their main customer?

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