Google has patented a new technology

Google has patented a new technology. Google patents iris-recognising bio-metric contact lens. Google has patented a new technology that transforms a contact lens into an identification device at 3rd June 2015. Google is no stranger to material for putting in parcels technology into be in touch glasses, having already patented a curved glass to change light to discover blood-sugar levels. Its latest patented be in touch curved glass to change light try to make come into existence the last biometric password, using your iris 1 as the key.

Google has patented a new technology

The patent gives a detailed account of a be in touch curved glass to change light amount with sensors to discover light. By measuring the light given signs of off an iris 1, the curved glass to change light can make come into existence a made of different part or materials image of an individuals iris 1 and make a comparison it to an image stored within its memory. If the 2 images match up, way in is given agreement to whatever public organization your using.

Google does not really get wider (greater) on how the technology works, or its possible & unused quality requests, stating simply that in different things put into effect, the be in touch curved glass to change light can be given work in systems and/or methods connected with authentication and say what a thing is.

The desire for a biometric curved glass to change light has come about needing payment to the thing not right of current authentication systems. unhappily, limited by agreement biometric systems and techniques are relatively troublesome to use, reads the back part of the patent. The thing not right is made troubled, angry as the number of safe apparatuses goes on to grow. As such, new moves near for User 2 verification are desired. Google clearly views this technology becoming a way to make ready safe authentication for a range of apparatuses and help. It could middle, half way between an end to password-management instruments, with no need to have in mind random 3 strings of numbers or poor design secret words. in place of having touch a thumb pad on your telephone, or blow in a general rule of behavior of a group or good example to unlock it, it would simply unlock when you get it up.

Biometric be in touch glasses could also spell the end for taken (property of another) secret words, as its far harder to false, in play up biometric facts. And, before you suggest some grisly workaround, a Users 4 eye would need to be having love for to them for the system to work. While the patent does not detail such information 5, without blood the iris 1 would cloud over and thus the light it gives back (light, heat, sound) would soft. This raises questions around how flexible its sensors are in in connection with to general eye going lower and disease.

If Google can 2 this technology with the be in touch curved glass to change light for diabetics 6 that its working on with Novartis , we could see Google reshape our earth once more.

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