How Imran Khan Divorced his Wife Reham Khan

How Imran Khan Divorced his Wife Reham Khan, Imran Khan sent a text message to Reham Khan to ended their marriage after 10 months and some days. Imran was earlier married to Briton Jemima Goldsmith. It has came out of that Imran ruler from middle Asia unmarried his married woman Reham ruler from middle Asia by wording note.

How Imran Khan Divorced his Wife Reham Khan

How Imran Khan Divorced his Wife Reham Khan

Imran Khan was married to former BBC Presenter Reham Khan for just 10 months.

Pakistan’s World Cup-winning chief Imran was married to Reham, a Bbc television presenter, for just 10 months. (Imran ruler from middle Asia gets unmarried Second married woman Reham ruler from middle Asia) The daily post, quoting starting points, said the end came when Imran texted his married woman the word ‘talaq’ (the arabic limited stretch of time for ‘I get unmarried you’) written three times. This was moved after by a short email. Reham received the note when she got off a plane from Pakistan to Birmingham. Although a statement on October 30 from Imran’s political group, Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf, said the grouped in 2 had unmarried in a friendly way, starting points say it is far from the truth. Imran had lived alone for 11 years supporters his get unmarried from his first married woman, Briton Jemima Gold-worker. Imran and Jemima were married for nine years and broken into bits in 2004.

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The 2 sons from that relation live with their mother in the United Kingdom. Imran has warm behavior relations with Jemima. Sixty-two-year-old Imran and the be movingly beautiful Reham, 20 years younger, fought over everything from his friends and relatives to her attempt to keep dogs away from the bedroom, said starting points. Over the last week or so, the earth has speculated over the reasons for the get unmarried. statements have suggested that Reham wanted to poison Imran to grab political limelight. Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf is the strongest person on the other side of Pakistani first in rating Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government. Reham has now made responsible Black art of controlling events other than natural as the reason behind the sudden, surprising get unmarried.

How Imran Khan Divorced his Wife Reham Khan BBC anchor

But family sources have revealed Imran was getting fed-up with Reham, a divorced mother of three, for trying to gain control over his palatial hilltop house, Bani Gala Palace in Islamabad.
Daily Mail quoted family insiders saying that Reham’s first major change was to throw Imran’s beloved pet dogs from his bedroom.
“They were no longer allowed to sleep in their master’s inner sanctum or even be there during the daytime,” a source said. “Imran was upset when she had them shifted to a room outside the house and refused to budge despite his pleas.
“Then the house was re-arranged to suit the needs of Reham’s youngest daughter who lived there, as well as the elder daughter and son, who often visited. Members of Reham’s family pretty much came and went as they pleased. On the other hand, Imran Khan’s nephews and nieces were made to feel unwelcome.”
Imran’s sister and family had opposed the marriage with Reham when news of their first broke in December last year. Imran married Reham in a simple ceremony in January.……More

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