Joint NAB team interrogates its chief Qamar Zaman in NICL case

Islamabad: A National Accountability Bureau (Nab) group has begun a test into the National Insurance Company Limited (Nicl) case according to the request of the Supreme Court (Sc).

NABPrevious Secretary Establishment Abdul Rauf Chaudhry and Former Interior Secretary Qamar Zaman Chaudhry (now Nab executive), showed up soon after the group and denied all charges levelled against them.

Arguing honesty, they said they didn’t make any obstacles in test into the Nicl case.former Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency (Fia) Malik Muhammad likewise showed up soon after the group.

It was the first occasion when that the Nab executive showed up soon after his subordinates. The examination group has likewise issued perceive to previous Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani to show up before it on Wednesday.

Gilani was thrice summoned for examination into the instance of Ogra however he didn’t show up. Sources said Gilani declined to show up hence, he could be captured. “We need to submit appear for the Supreme Court (Sc) and any one required in the examination will be captured assuming that he doesn’t show up soon after the group,” a senior official of the Nab said.

The joined examinations group contains Nab specialists, agents of the police and Secp. It explored the denounced for more than two hours every and likewise looked for composed answer to the claims leveled against them.

“Both the previous functionaries and executive Nab confronted the extreme time throughout their divide presence after the Joint Investigation Team that has received a strict carriage while putting the inquiries before them,” sources said.investigation group likewise issued recognize to the previous Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Khushnood Akhter Lashari yet he did not application.


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