Mobile Users to Pay 19.5% Internet Tax to Punjab Govt

Mobile Users to Pay 19.5% Internet Tax to Punjab Govt. Not so long ago the Punjab Government was in the news for imposing a tax on internet and now it has finally decided that mobile phone customers will be paying a 19.5% tax  on the Internet.

Mobile Users to Pay 19.5% Internet Tax to Punjab Govt

Earlier Punjab Government was indecisive regarding the issue but in a recent statement it has confirmed that a tax on the internet will be imposed from this week. However, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be exempted and won’t have to pay any kind of tax.

This sudden change of plan by govt has drawn criticism from the masses as earlier Ayesha Ghauri; Finance Minister of Punjab announced in her budget speech that such kind of tax will not be imposed. This shows that the government has failed to full fill such commitment.

Dr. Raheel Siddiqui, Chairman of Punjab Revenue Authority has stated that “The ISPs are exempted from this tax by keeping in mind the educational and research aspect, however, the govt has decided to charge cell phone users a 19.5% tax on Internet.”

in addition, on questions asked about why Punjab government broke the undertaking to do, he said: The same kind of internet tax is also being made over-great use of in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so the Punjab government also took the first move, but I dont have knowledge of why Punjab government is criticized for that.

Earlier Punjab government put on the 19.5% tax only on broadband 2 internet 1 connections going over limits Rs.1500 and or connections over the rate of motion of 2mbps. As an outcome, a military operation called blackout was pushed into water by by numbers, electronic ones whose trade is printed material and bloggers in an attempt to put a stop to the government for important looking this tax.

The decision of the Punjab government is itself being opposite to and this tax question under discussion can be put in order as the well-dressed move by the government thatwaited for a right time to make over-great use of this tax. The government at one side is encouraging the young persons through its young persons designs such as that of distribution of small computers and on the other side it is important looking weighty internet tax.

Punjab government took the decision quickly in view of the fact that it should have first looked at this question under discussion from both the views (as operators and as one in agreement) and then should make an able to keep living decision. More Detail Please Click

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