Speed up your PTCL EVO or 3G Evo Urdu and English Tutorial

Speed up your PTCL EVO or 3G Evo Urdu and English Tutorial

How are you friends today ? I think all friends so fine.

So let friends that you have to share a word of hope which will benefit you greatly. I would like to tell you that the tutor you how you can increase the speed of broadband Internet Evo. They PTCL Evo from your use of, or PTCL 3G Evo.

If friends! To increase the speed you’ll have to work a little something not possible with hard work. Today we will make an antenna that will be standard in the market price and the antenna.

So let friends!

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First, a Cu (Copper) (copper) wire it. The length of the wire so that it is as much as you need. For example, you use the Evo in the room from the ceiling of the room up there. Approximately 20 to 30 feet.

Apply this wire side of the Evo place where you receive antennas is set.

Ken is now taking a bottle out of his packet of cigarettes in Silver or Golden pyprzas paste inside and out the other side of the wire between his papers phnsadyn Silver Silver papers so that they are connected.

At the height of the bottle-shaped timber that can hang with.

Please Sir! Your Antenna smart way it would work. Check your Evo signals and antennas you will get a whole will work 100% correct. Yes Run your Internet Speed Dating with the taste and allow me.

We will meet again with the new thread. Until then, remember the prayers.



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