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Subjects Of QuranAuthor Zahid Malik

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The present book embodies an earnest effort by its learned editor, Mr. Zahid Malik, to present a comprehensive and an exhaustive survey of several themes with which the Qur’an deals. It is designed to help the writer and thinker on the character and content and meaning of the Holy Book to get at the specific passage or the verse in order that he can see it in the context of similar passages or verses spread out in the text of the Qur’an. The aim of the exercise is to view it in its totality and when seen thus, the resulting impression would tend to show that the Qur’an is free from any internal contradictions. Further such a way of looking at the various Ayats of the Qur’an would deepen the reader’s understanding to an extent that what appeared to be controversial verses at first sight form a body of coherent, self-consistent and complete exposition of the subject-mattcr with which they deal. The superficial view that is often taken is that the arrangement of the various verses of the Qur’an is unscientific, in that diverse themes are dealt with in disconnected, disjointed and desultory manner. This view, in the light of modem research, is giving way to the perception that there is a serious purpose which lies at the back of the specific Quranic mode of presenting the revealed truth in a verbal form. The arrangement of verses to begin with invites and inevitably compels the reader to look at the Qur’an steadily and regard it as a whole.

Despite the fact that the Qur’an as a whole is a magnificent articulation of the revealed word of God, it becomes necessary to compile publications like the present one to supplement the conventional tafsirs (commentaries) of the Qur’an, to indicate the exact placement of Its verses by giving copious references to the chapter and verse of the various statements contained in the Qur’an concerning a particular theme just to facilitate the task of readily having access to all it has to say on a particular subject. A great deal of effort is required to ordinarily locate a particular verse in the Qur’an. The present book makes it possible for a research student to get at all the relevant verses of the Qur’an connected with a particular topic, and wherever possible to support them by cross reference to the literature on Hadith so that no important utterance either in the Qur’an or of the Prophet cxcapes notice. Sometimes, somehow, I have my self found it difficult in my own encounter with the Holy Writ to get at the particular passage or verse I have in mind but which 1 vaguely seem to have read before, and this involves expenditure of a great deal of time before I am able to discover precisely what I am keen to know. Meditation upon a particular theme of the Qur’an gets interrupted unless you have available some aid outside its text to enable you readily to have access to all the relevant textual material. The modern scholar is much pressed for time, if only because things are progressively happening at ever-increasing pace. As we know, the computer has already arrived on the scene and I have no doubt someone by now has analysed the Quranic themes and programmed the computer to respond to any specific question that may be addressed to it for getting copious references to the various possible answers concerning certain aspccts to the Quranic topics. But be the facilities that computerization of the Qur’an may yield, I personally think that books like Mazamin-c-Quran-e-Hakim published by the present editor will continue to be indispensable for the scholars and thinkers interested in understanding the grandeur, authority and sanctity of our sacred literature.

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Mr. Zahid Malik has done well to identify the important themes and with painstaking care has brought them in sharp focus so that diverse, relevant and pertinent Ayats of the Qur’an and cross references to the literature of the I ladilh can be spotted in the shortest possible time. Judged by any standard, the quality of work that has been put into the compiling of the present reference book is superb. It is free from any lacuna or inaccuracy. Its presentation in English language will, I have no doubt, capture the attention of the worldwide scholarship and help it to probe into the variegated facets of the text of the Qur’an in order to be able to understand what it has to s.iy on any conceivable question. There are no doubt various books which have attempted to do the same, but 1 think the performance of the learned editor of the present book is much more impressive, even as it is comprehensive and reliable.

I recall that when Mr. Zahid Malik published the earlier compilation in Urdu I wrote him as follows:

“You have undertaken and completed this work as a service to the students of the Holy Qur’an, and Allah in His mercy has enabled you to have done it with remarkable success. It is your humility, coupled with the great effort you have put in, which has lent the work its real quality”.

These words have now acquired even greater meaning with the compilation of this monumental work in English, and Mr. Zahid Malik’s labour of love must evoke the greatest admiration of those who will benefit from its contents.

Allah Bakhsh K. Brohi Chairman

National Hijra Council of Pakistan


July 8.1987

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