The Pakistan connection and India’s expansion plan Hacked

The Pakistan connection and India’s expansion plan Hacked. Hacking Team hacked: The Pakistan connection, and India’s expansion plan. For more News Please visit

The Pakistan connection and India’s expansion plan Hacked

Consider this: your mobile phone is sending a steady stream of private information and location coordinates to an unknown entity that has included your name on a list of targets to be monitored.

Your computer allows those with a set of very sophisticated, very expensive spyware tools to access your digital life, from saved photos and chat messages to watching and listening to you using your device’s camera and microphone. This massive breach of privacy is virtually undetectable and untraceable.

Now imagine such tools in the hands of the state’s security apparatus.

In a recent report, Privacy International (PI), an organization focused on privacy intrusions, asserted that the government had obtained such surveillance tools from multiple sources, including Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, SS8 and Utimaco. There is increasing concern that local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and intelligence agencies have the ability to intrude into a range of devices to capture data, encrypted or otherwise.

One software that enables such high-level spying is Remote Control System (RCS) — a ‘cyber security’ solution developed by Hacking Team (HT), an Italian IT company notorious for its spy tools that have been sold to countries as far and wide as Sudan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico and Russia.

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Promotional video Hacking Team released to market RCS

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