Windows 10 Users Facing Reboot Loop After Cumulative Update

Windows 10 Users Facing Reboot Loop After Cumulative Update. Some Windows 10 Users Facing ‘Reboot Loop’, Reboot loop issue in windows 10 updates. New windows 10 updates issue about reboot loop. windows 10 user facing new issue on new updates.

Windows 10 Users Facing Reboot Loop After Cumulative Update

Windows 10 Users Facing Reboot Loop After Cumulative Update

Microsoft’s Windows 10 recently received a cumulative update, and some users are reporting it triggers a ‘reboot loop’ on their Windows 10 systems.

Released last week, the latest update of Microsoft called KB3081424 to take “all previously released fixes” was observed. For some users, however, the update can not be installed properly on your system, and you try to install Windows again after restart, leaving trapped in a “technical problem restart ‘system.

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ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes says: “The problem, in a nutshell, is that the affected systems update puts a drop endless loop try to install the update, reaches a certain point, fails, and then displays the useless -. We could not complete the updates, undoing the changes. “

Hughes will add: “If I stop there things would not be so bad, but because Microsoft now requires updates in Windows 10 users, the operating system kept trying – and not – to install the update, which in turn placed the system on a periodic / restart loop “accident.

Microsoft had previously clarified that users of Windows 10 Home will “receive updates from Windows Update automatically when available” or that requires forceful changes for all users.

Several users have reported the issue in Microsoft Windows forum. One user wrote, “Downloads, reboot to install. Gets 30% and reboots. Gets 59% and reboots. Get 59% again and then says something went wrong, so uninstall the update. Wait a few minutes and restart. Back to login screen. This happens without fail, every time. “

While Microsoft does not even recognize the problem and releasing updates for the affected users, Forbes noted a possible reason for the ‘reboot loop’ that users are informed after attempting to download the update KB3081424 may be due a bad entry Windows 10 registry. “Because the initial install was found not to create a bad entry in the registry of Windows 10 that stops its subsequent attempts to reinstall function properly,” says Forbes. The site also suggests a complicated solution to solve the problem; but he adds that the method is “risky” because it requires the user to modify the Windows 10 registry.

It is worth noting that not all users upgrade to KB3081424 faces the problem that caused the “reboot loop. We can expect Microsoft to release a patch to fix the problem soon.

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