Zenith Irfan Wants to Travel The World On A Motorbike

Zenith Irfan Wants to Travel The World On A Motorbike

Zenith Irfan Wants to Travel The World On A Motorbike. Zenith Irfan Pakistani Female Biker Wants to Travel The World On A Motorbike. Struck with wanderlust, the young adventurer has recorded everything related to your cycling trip to Kashmir in their FB page “1 Girl 2 Wheels”, which is full of inspiring experiences, reflections of motivation and stunning photographs while crossing through the land of the north earth.

Zenith Irfan Wants to Travel The World On A Motorbike

Who is Zenith Irfan: A 20 year old Capricorn, set on an epic journey on a Honda 125 motorcycle amongst the terrains of Pakistan with nothing but her free hearted soul.

Meet the high-spirited Zenith Irfan- a twenty year old, young Pakistani girl who wishes to travel the whole world alone one day, not by plane, train, bus, car or even by foot; but shockingly via the saddle of her Honda motorbike!

The rationale behind Irfan traveling manifesto is the dream of his late father who wanted to ride around the world on a motorcycle. So was the soul wandering on his bike and roared through the dusty roads of Lahore all the way to rocky landscape of Kashmir, through boldly dodgy destinations and dilapidated roads.


On 14th of June ’15, I vowed to travel amongst the mountains of Kashmir. Little did I know, that my decision would leave a profounding impact on my heart and soul.
With barely enough sleep and a backpack, I closed my eyes and kickstarted my Honda CD -70. What I was about to experience was spritual cleansing on a whole new level.

Passionate, crazy, rugged and daring, the Lahori lady has already completed her solo tour to the valleys of the Earth’s Paradise by being on road for just six days.

Riding in Kashmir has proven to be challenging adventure. The geography demands scrutinized attention and concentration. A single move of error, can lead to an irreversible catastrophe. People who have traveled North, understand the exigent demands of travelling in the mountains. Rocky plains, rugged landscapes, broken roads – a natural combination of all trails is presented to you and you have to ace it. You have to keep morally supporting your riding spirit, pushing your mind and body to the extreme. Exploring all sentiments and emotions which you never knew existed in your soul.

Unleashing the biker girl in her, the voyage has helped her connect to nature and even revived her spiritual senses. Her lifestyle on road includes a lot of camping, meeting the locals and playing with kids.

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